A brand new app that allows you to send messages to be opened in a near… or very distant future.



Birthdays, big moments to celebrate, memories to share with your loved ones, major events: don’t ever miss another one !

Use the hidden status for a mystery date…

…or plan a big reunion with your best buds ten years from now!

SeeYooS only knows one limit: your imagination”.



Play with time with your friends, family, dates or acquaintances.


Create mystery and surprise, make your contacts impatient using our different statuses.

Here are the 3 different types of messages you can send or receive:


Both the identity of the sender and the reception date are unknown.

The message will be delivered on a random date 1 to 8 days after the sending date.

The identity of the sender will then be unveiled.

You can’t use coins to reduce the waiting time, no matter how impatient you are !


Both the identity of the sender and the reception date are known.

If you’re too impatient, use coins to open the message earlier!

1 coin = 1 month.


The reception date is known but the identity of the sender isn’t

This is an incompressible message, which means there is no way to open the message early. There is nothing to do but wait!

Sending a message = 4 coins.

Maximum of coins used per day = 24 coins.

1 coin = 1 month less to wait!


So ? Are you ready to play with time ?

Download the SeeYooS App for your iPhone or Android device.



How much does it cost ?

Nothing, everything is free. And we mean EVERYTHING.

How many messages can I send per day ?

As many as you wish! It’s unlimited.

How do I know a message is ready to be opened ?

You will receive a notification.



Leave us a message: we will get back to you it a very near future.

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